The Work

By Veronica Haunani Fitzhugh A lone ant patiently carries an impossible load. The weight’s so heavy, she loses her balance in every small step. Instead of asking for help or splitting the bundle– she stops to rest, dances, and eats what she carries. Her burden nourishes, energizes as well as challenges her. How do I…

He Died

Originally posted on Smell The Coffee:
They cursed and reviled him But he was dead They gossiped late into the night Taking delight at his plight But he was dead They gathered and made plans They handed out bans But he was dead His flesh had died On that fateful night His spirit was born…

Black and Blue

Originally posted on Free The Truth:
The sun was setting behind me; the children getting restless in the back seat from a long drive. Tired of listening to music, I turned the Sirius to the news channels to see what was happening in the world. (When I say world, I mean that loosely, because our…

Taste The Rainbow: The Devil Declines

In the spirit of tasting the rainbow, I bring you The Return of the Modern Philosopher and his delicious piece, The Devil Declines .  This article doesn’t need anything from me; but it got my laughter and my endorsement. Taste Responsibly, Free The Truth President Trump: Thank you for your invitation to join you for Sunday Brunch at […]