La Verdad (about)

A blog dedicated to the dirty truth, or the beautiful mess, if you will, of life. This blog reminds us to see the truth for what it is. It’s not about government conspiracies or political controversies, although much of it will be controversial.  La Verdad is about acknowledging the hard, uncomfortable truth and learning to love life for all its supposed faults.


Oh crap, I forgot two of my most important rules. First, don’t buy into the bullshit. Second, it’s all bullshit.

This site is first and foremost a legacy site for my friends and family.  For me, this is a place I feel comfortable sharing myself with the ones that I love; giving them a chance to be a part of my life in this ever increasing electronic world.  I also want to use it as a creative outlet and a healing mechanism.  Maybe something else will come of it, maybe it wont.  But no matter what happens, I must not let the truth get warped by all the bullshit; especially not my own. Viva La Verdad!


© Free The Truth/Elaine Kelly 2017. All rights reserved. Reblogging, linking, quoting, or partial posts is encouraged; provided full credit is given to Elaine Kelly including attribution via hyperlinks to the original content.

You can use whatever you want as long as credit is given and no profit is made either from your use of it or any future use by anyone else. Any use of the materials on this site to gain profit in any form must have prior approval by Elaine Kelly.

3 thoughts on “La Verdad (about)

    1. I’m excited to see you throw down (words). I love the idea of experimenting with writing;even though the results aren’t always masterpieces, it helps me grow as a writer. Thank you for the nice comments. Hopefully I can get back to having an active blog after my six month hiatus.

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