Music To My Ears

Please support the arts; buy music!

You can enjoy music in a variety of places on my page. Some blogs have songs at the bottom or links to music. I also plan on putting all music from my posts on this page.

You can also find a current play list in the drop down Menu with music from the artists and songs I am listening to right now. Some of the songs are related to content on Free The Truth, but there is no need to analyze the playlist. Most music is on here because it has an undeniable soul that beats into my being and compels me to be moved.

Kyle’s Art can be found at: @KyleandFriendspt.2

If you have music or artwork you would like to promote, I will happily incorporate your art on Free The Truth.  No reblogging fees, just artists supporting and encouraging each other. I reserve the right to post only pieces that move me or relate to content on Free The Truth.

Featured Music:

  Andra Day, Cheers to the Fall, “Rise Up
Featured on “Ironic Inspiration” and “The Hole Truth”

Jim Croce, Ball of Kerrymuir
Featured on “Luck of the Irish?”

Follow the link to see:
Cami Bradley (The Sweeplings and America’s Got Talent), singing “Some Where Over The Rainbow”, at the ceremony honoring my father’s life.