#4M: You Got It In You

  Hmmm, you might be asking yourself what this #4M is all about. That would be a perfectly good question, because I just made it up. 4M is Monday Motivation, Morning Music style Because that motivational message just sounds so much better when it is sung to you. Header art from Banners album You Got […]

The King and I

I was searching for a little stress relief in a last minute cram session…. When what delicious bliss should bear presence upon my ravenous ears….. Little Wing, ripping off the lengths of a Soul Blown Microphone….. tickling and giggling those fret-filling fingers, all the way down to my toes. (Oh, my soul for some blues!) […]

Taste The Rainbow

This page is my way of endorsing all the amazing bloggers out there. Sorry Guys, I can’t offer you a sneaker deal.  I don’t even have enough followers to make reblogging your posts worth anything. I may end up getting a few more followers in the future; but please do not hold out hope on […]