My Writing (guide)

Guide to Free The Truth

To access different types of writing or specific categories available on Free The Truth, you can click in the drop down menu or on the links below.

Daily Dose Rx: humorous, quick reads that are just what the doctor ordered
ex. American History $atire
ex. Lazy Parenting Tip #69

La Verdad: the words I live by on the subjects that offend and inspire me
ex Ironic Inspiration
ex. Say What?
ex. Trust The Fall

Story Time: immerse yourself in a variety of fictional narratives and poetic literature

Phoenix Falling:  exposes personal struggles in a variety of writing styles; with the hope that there is someone, somewhere that can benefit from these compelling revelations.**
ex. The Hole Truth
ex. So This Is It

Quips and Quotes: random quick reads and quotes

1000 Words: pictures, some accompanied by a short writing
ex. Grass Charmer


** A Note on Phoenix Falling: Shit happens to everyone; no one struggle worse than any other. My struggles, they do not define me, they do not own me. Since I choose to live a life not defined by my burdens, nor will the majority of my writing be centered around those hardships. Postings in this category may be slow rolling.

I fought for life so that I could live it, not remain stuck in the past.

Stories shared in Phoenix Falling have a variety of purposes; but the main one being to help anyone out there that might be facing a similar situation.  Do to its nature, there is not a lot of support out there for people who need it.  *Warning* I am not the best source of advice, as I clearly failed if I am sharing it with you.   But I do know a thing or two, and have a unique story to share.